About Us

A.Wintergreen Landscaping

The company was first formed in 1987 by Mark Milliken and Kirk Thrasher.

We focused on Residential property maintenance. Summer lawn care and Winter snow plowing.

In 1996 Landscape construction was incorporated into our business.

In 1997 we started using a Kubota tractor to do snow blowing.

In 2001 we got our first New Holland Tractor with an inverted Snow blower. That is the kind that you back in the driveway, lower it, and drive out blowing the Snow.

In 2005 we changed to strictly using inverted Tractor Snow blowers.

In 2015 we stopped doing Lawn care.

In 2018 we stopped doing hard landscaping.

We are now focused on doing Winter residential Snow Blowing.

Our fleet has grown since then, We now use Hybrid inverted Snow Blowers.

We are proud of what we have created over the past 30+ years.

We look forward to serving customers for many years to come.

Mark and Kirk